O v. Lee

Attorney Beth Clause went to trial in December of 2019 and obtained a $32M plus judgment for her client for damages due to fraud that was committed against her client.

In this case, the Husband obtained a divorce by filing fraudulent documents with the court and making false representations to his lawyer who unknowingly misinformed the court that the Wife's whereabouts were unknown. As a result, the Husband obtained over $16M in marital assets.

The Husband tried to convince the court that he was not responsible for what his attorney represented to the Court however the Court did not accept that argument and found that a party cannot delegate a lawsuit completely to their attorney.

In her closing argument at the first trial in the case, Attorney Clause advised the Court that an attorney's case is only as good as the information that they have and receive from their client and the Court agreed.

At the first trial in January of 2019, the Court set aside the divorce and a second trial was held in December of 2019 to determine the amount of damages that the Wife should be awarded.  At the second trial, the Court awarded over $47,000,000 in actual and punitive damages.