Paternity - Establishing Your Rights As A Parent in Florida

In recent history, it has become more common to see unwed couples having children. Consequently, many fathers find that their rights to see their children or participate in parenting their children are challenged if the relationship ends or one parent is unwilling to co-parent. In many cases, the mother and father are in agreement concerning paternity and are able to resolve paternity issues outside of court.

However, if there is a dispute concerning paternity, a paternity action is necessary to establish the rights and obligations of the parents. These types of cases can be challenging and a successful outcome depends on a compelling presentation of evidence to the court.  

In the event that a Father's name is not on the child's birth certificate it is esspecially important for a father to establish his rights through a paternity action with the Court.

If you have questions regarding a paternity case please contact BLC Law for a free case evaluation.  Attorney Beth Clause has successfully handled several paternity cases for her clients and has the experience needed to guide you in establishing your parental rights as a parent.