Infidelity and Divorce


Many divorces are a result of an affair and rightly so.  While the spouse who was cheated on often wants revenge and feels like the Court should compensate them for their pain, the Court in Florida does not put a lot of consideration towards infidelity and only considers the financial ramifications of an affair.

If the cheating spouse has used marital funds to further an affair, such a buying gifts for their new paramour or taking their paramour on vacation and using marital assets to pay for these gifts or vacation the other spouse should be entitled to receive one-half of the assets dissipated or funds spent.

While an affair may be a hard thing to move past it is best not to drag your cheating spouse into Court in Florida expecting the Court to give you some type of compensation for your spouse's infidelity.  Infidelity has no bearing on alimony or child support.  Litigation is expensive and your time and money are better spent trying to negotiate a fair settlement so that you can heal and move on with your life in a positive direction.

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