Chris K

Review left by Christopher
This review should have been written several months ago, when my divorce was finalized, yet being that it has been nearly half a year and I am still feeling deep gratitude for the work that Beth did on my behalf may make these sentiments that much more meaningful to whoever reads this. Also, I should point out to the reader that one of the main considerations that helped me affirm that I was making the right choice when initially hiring her, was how many outstanding reviews that I read from other client experiences here on Google and also on AVVO, which is an attorney information and referral database, so it surprises me to see only one other review available here on Google, as I am certain there were many more outstanding reviews to read roughly a year ago when I was originally seeking representation.
From the first interaction that I had with Beth, I had a feeling like there was something exceptional about her. She came across as attentive, engaged, and highly intelligent. She was very confident and distinctly professional, which gave me the feeling that she could be trusted and relied upon to have my best interests and that of my young son at heart through what I imagined would be a mentally and emotionally exhausting process, which it was. Yet, in spite of the very difficult emotional aspect of divorce that I was coping with personally, Beth skillfully and efficiently took complete control over all legal aspects of the experience and provided me with outstanding representation, and I feel like no other attorney in this area could have possibly done a better job. She communicated with me when needed and prepared me for anything that I was required to do in advance. There were a few unexpected circumstances, when issues arose that required that she fight for me, and she unflinchingly stood in front of the judge and opposing counsel and defended my interests. I would have never come through this terrible experience and ended up being treated as equitably as I have without her help, and I would strongly recommend her services to anyone who has the misfortune of finding themselves in the midst of a family court issue in which the hiring of a strong, perceptive, and highly experienced attorney is needed.

Beth, Ashten and I most sincerely thank you for making sure that everyone was treated fairly during, and at the conclusion of this process.
– Chris K